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Terms & Conditions

When you register at Dodi Shop you are required to disclose specific information and choose your password carefully and maintain it. When you receive the registration confirmation email, you must activate it by following the instructions in order to benefit from all the services of the site. You will be responsible for:

- Keep your account information confidential. If you suspect that this information is disclosed, you should immediately notify the customer service team.

- Dodi Shop is not responsible for any losses that may be incurred directly or indirectly, whether material or material, as a result of the disclosure of the login information and password

- You are solely responsible for your use of the account and Dodi Shop does not have any liability for abuse.

- Dodi Shop asks you to disclose real and up-to-date information according to what is in the registration application form and has the right to verify all legitimate ways to verify your information.

- Doody Shop is obliged to deal with your personal information, shipping information and password confidentially and the Customer Service team will not ask you for any information except for the information used to verify that you are the actual owner of this account

- Shop Shop has the right to cancel the account if it is found that the information provided to the store or part of it is not true

- Shop Shop has the right to conduct any investigation it deems necessary, directly or indirectly, and to request additional information and official documents proving your true identity.

- When you use Dodi Shop shop you are required to provide the store with all documents when needed.

- In case of non-compliance with this Agreement, Dodi Shop has the right to terminate or cancel your account